UML BFA Exhibition 2023: Overlap
Exhibitor and Exhibition Coordinator

Lowell, MA


Reunion is an exploration of the relationships between a parent and their child - especially in AAPI families. 

I wanted to provide a space for AAPI voices to share a story not often talked about but extremely relatable. It’s known that Asian Americans have strict parents and rigid lifestyles. Why is that? Group discussions were conducted with Asian Americans to talk about this topic. These discussions involved people from a range of ages and it helped provide understanding to new perspectives.

These discussions, which focused on an array of different topics, were recorded in a single booklet that can be previewed below. Reunion aims to represent AAPI voices.


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To help organize the plethora of important stories the volunteers were sharing, the booklet was divided into 5 different parts. Each part addressed different but major aspects of the AAPI experience. The 5 sections were centralized on the major themes of ‘Nature’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Ancestry’, ‘Duties’, and ‘Family’.
1. Nature: Addresses societal impacts, individual memories, and growing up
           in America.

2. Wisdom: Addresses life lessons, what your parents taught on you directly -              versus indirectly.

3. Ancestry: Addresses how generational trauma impacted your relationship with                your parents/family.

4. Duties: Addresses the responsibilities you feel you owe to your parents, your            family, and yourself.

5. Family: Focuses on the parents’ perspective.

Exhibition Day

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